About Us. The Online Shop of Window Films

About Us. The Online Shop of Window Films


The online shop http://www.windowfilms24.online owned by the company SOLARIS 979, the installer and authorised distributer of 3M and Kraft Films. Our Company has been working as an installer and a wholesale and retail seller of different purpose films. Our home town is Riga, the Republic of Latvia (a member state of the EU since 2004). 


We sell films by the linear meter and rolls delivered to any location in Europe.


We sell and install all films we sell. We assist in selecting films, share our hands-on experience, how to install them in good quality and fast, how to select films based on your problem, technical specification and other wishes. We have gathered in-depth knowledge as to what films can and cannot do!! We purchase films directly from their production plants, with no middlemen, and resell them at a reduced profit margin for reasonable prices.


We own a warehouse of films and provide free delivery to any location in Europe.


There are more than 300 models of different types of films of various manufacturers on our warehouse.

Heat and solar protection

Mirror films

Matte and decorative films

Films for 2-3 glass units

Protection and anti-theft films

Car window tinting films

Films to produce banners

Tools for work with films


Delivery Time. Depending on a country it is usually between 2 to 5 business days.


We are happy for every customer and any size order.


If you have encountered any questions or there was something you were unable to find on our website, please get in touch with us in any way convenient to you.


                 Email    info@solaris979.eu
                 Phone      +371 6736 0804,  

The mirror film Omega 20  The Bestseller of our Product Range The Omega 20 – it is a mi..
Ex Tax: 34.51€

Miror film 35%..
Ex Tax: 34.50€

Tool kit for flat glass window film installation..
Ex Tax: 27.70€

Frosted film DLX-01/01  The frosted film has a good matte effect. It removed the visibility, ..
Ex Tax: 31.10€

3M Gold RakelB ..
Ex Tax: 3.71€

3M Gold Rakel ..
Ex Tax: 3.71€