Cad/Cam films – they are the vinyl films not only used for plotter cutting, but also suitable for full wrapping.

They are vinyl films with a paper backing (putting it in other way, a liner). With the use of a plotter it is possible to cut out logotypes or decorative elements. They are perfectly suitable for full or partial wrap of surfaces of different purpose, including the glass and windows.


We have used the Cad/Cam films:

- To cut out company logotypes;

- To produce informative and advertising slogans;

- To wrap glass partitions for the purpose of removing their visibility;

- To create advertising slogans on the motor vehicle fleet of companies;

- To cover outer glass for the maximum effect of privacy.


Our Product Range


We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have both glossy and matte Cad/Cam films, as well as different roll widths.


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