Do It Yourself. Purchase a window film!

Do It Yourself. Purchase a window film!


If you have come to this section, it means that you love doing it yourself. Indeed, some of our clients purchase films for private use and install it themselves, for example,


-To make the bathroom windows matte

- To install a decorative film on the glass of interior doors

- To install a mirror film on the windows on the side of their neighbours

- To tint the garage windows and in many other cases


You can do it yourself when you buy a film and the required tools from us. We will recommend you what film to choose and when it is best used.


We provide to our DIY clients:


-Assistance in choosing their film to solve a particular problem

- We will sell any quantities, even very small

- We provide a guaranteed delivery to any European location

- We will advise you how to install it best and what is the minimum set of tools you require to do it yourself

- We will also advise you how to look after the installed film and how to increase its service life


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The mirror film Omega 20  The Bestseller of our Product Range The Omega 20 – it is a mi..
Ex Tax: 28.51€

Miror film 35%..
Ex Tax: 29.50€

Tool kit for flat glass window film installation..
Ex Tax: 27.70€

3M Gold RakelB ..
Ex Tax: 3.71€

3M Gold Rakel ..
Ex Tax: 3.71€

Frosted film DLX-01/01  The frosted film has a good matte effect. It removed the visibility, ..
Ex Tax: 26.10€