For Advertising Agencies

For Advertising Agencies

The manufacturers of outdoor advertising often receive requests from their clients to install window films, for example,

- To install a protection film on the shop windows

- To install a heat protection film on the shop windows

- To install a matte film or uncomplicated designs on the glass partitions of a customer’s office

- To make warehouse windows matte

- etc.


Weprovide a wide range of window films in our online store, including,

-Fast delivery for films purchased from us in 2-3 business days to any location in Europe

-We sell in any quantities, by the linear meter and rolls

- We provide film samples and other informative materials

- We consult in choosing a specific film pattern

- We help to install and cut films subject to the terms and conditions of a subcontracting agreement


We help to fulfil orders and do subcontracted window tinting jobs.

The mirror film Omega 20  The Bestseller of our Product Range The Omega 20 – it is a mi..
Ex Tax: 34.51€

Miror film 35%..
Ex Tax: 34.50€

Tool kit for flat glass window film installation..
Ex Tax: 27.70€

Frosted film DLX-01/01  The frosted film has a good matte effect. It removed the visibility, ..
Ex Tax: 31.10€

3M Gold RakelB ..
Ex Tax: 3.71€

3M Gold Rakel ..
Ex Tax: 3.71€