Safety Films
Safety Films

Safety Films

Safety films – they are transparent films used for splinter protection. The safety films are installed on the glass or a mirror or other glass surfaces, in the event of breaking the glass or mirror, the film will protect you from glass fragments. In this case, if the glass is broken, the safety film will hold the glass fragments together, preventing them from flying around.

What is the application of safety films?

Generally, it is mandatory to install safety films on the glass and mirrors of public spaces, schools, nurseries and medical institutions, gymnasiums and other institutions. In compliance with the occupational health and safety, safety films are installed in food production facilities, offices, etc.

We provide safety films in conformity with the existing standards.

For the 2 mil EN8998 we recommend KRAFT FILM 2 MIL 55 microns.

For the 4mil EN8998 we recommend  KRAFT FILM4 MIL 112 microns. 

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