Wrapping Film
Wrapping Film

Vinyl wrapfilms for wrapping vehicles


Vinyl wrapfilms or vinyl films are used for full or partial covering of vehicles. The partial or full covering of vehicles with vinyl wrap films is used for the following purposes:

- In order to achieve a corporate style and design for the entire transport company;

- In order to give an individual look, putting it in another way, giving it a facelift.


As of today many film manufacturers work in this direction, and promote their films as the best of its kind.


What does it mean a good quality film for vinyl wrap?

- This film must stretch well (in order to wrap it around any raised and difficult parts);

- It should get warm with a minimum amount of heat;

- It should have a good adhesive;

- It should not shrink in the course of time and it should be heat resistant;

- It should be easy to remove.


In our product range you will find the 3М, Avery, KPMF, Oracal films.



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Venture Shield, Paint Protection Film, 3M 1,52m

3M Venture ShieldVenture shield – it is a transparent protection film developed by the company 3M...

175.00€ Ex Tax: 175.00€

Venture Shield, Paint Protection Film, 3M 0,30 x 1.50

3m Venture Shield, Paint Protection Film 0,30 x 1.50Venture shield – it is a transparent protec..

50.00€ Ex Tax: 50.00€

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